today my cousin have to come back from uitm..upsss..sorry i never talk about her bfore this.."ain" my lovely cousin..dier nih cousin yg plg close ngn aku..other than that "nor" nex time aku citer pasal nor plak..mayb this eid aku clebrate ngn family ain..cuz uma dier blkg my house jerk..hmm..dier invite me to go shopping together but..i dont know it is it..hurmm..ain nih same age ngn aku..dats why r aku ngn dier terejal samer..cumer she more inteligent from me..wakkakkahh..yelorh dier kat uitm.. n me juz in poly..have a different..one things that i love when i meet her..laugh! she very like to laugh..lau gelak..xder da kseganan tahap gaban..hiiihi...

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