+dIp KeJ eLekTrIk 5C+

thIs Is ReAL Mean AbOUt  "FrienDSHip"
Wat!!! Do NoPe BelIeVe aBouT "FriEnDshIp"
FucK U!!
oUr ClAss LikE FamilY(kAwan SaMpai MampUds)
We ArE cLoSe EacH otHer EvEn HavE 'ToNgue HaVe Bit BY teeTh'
huhu...UnDersTanD it..NopE..FinD iT In mY kAmus
ThiS is ColoUr of OuR friEndShiP
FoR 'EneMy In cOmfortAble'.. Fuck U!!
geT oFF!! lEt Us WitH happiNess

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