i try to erase u completely..
but..i'm not pasti.
fuck at all!!!
plz..dun blame me..
n u perlu to know dat u not wrong for all..
maybe the mistake is 'aQ jatuh Cinta kat ko'
huh..sempurna tp wat hidup aku jadi messy.. 
why must u said dat 'aQ rindu lagi kat ko'
plz let my life go on..
without something or someone  like
hubby, luver, monyet wat ever r..
da rimas ngn ur words.
about love, miss or heart..
hairul azhar let me live without u or ur shadow..

p/s: klu r everyday prob aku nk erase org yg fuck the fucking like dis..bleh giler weyhh
      n for my ex-hubby..pls let ur ex-baby live with peace.. u hav a someone n dun make she sad..

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