+last night+

my last night is shit!!my ex hubby col and ckp 'baby nk jumper..i miss u so much..' wat the fuck!! hurm..
Maybe we need to see n i want u to know dat our love is mistake. I dont want u in my life. plz my love not for u at all. and i do some mistake when i said ' ko the best couple aQ'
and after 12.00 a.m..i hav a story..
shit Cleg n Cnec fight?
hurmm..why his happen in my life..
they gado juz want to show 
who's the champion..
n why this prob in my shoulder? Cleg if u said i'm a wrong i giv u an opportunity. Datang Jb n SHUT my face
plz..dun touch Cnec..
it's becuz u n her as my fwen. And she dont know nothing..
in just one malam, sume nih berlaku. So weird but mayb this is call a life. We must to face all the 
problem if dat problem sebenarnya xder kait-mengait ngn us. Ke dat reality kiter yg cari problem.
But  if  wat happen in our life, we need to further our life n need to settle all of the problem..

p/s :for they yg ader kait mngait ngn story kat atas..i'm a really sorry but i cant to stand for         all this..

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