+my m.e.r.m.a.i.d

    Mesti korang not believe about mermaid right. But today i want to talk about mermaid. I find mermaid. Huh? is it really. Yup! i am sure dat is mermaid. Haha! no lah. It just Mermaid in d land.

    In the world banyak benda yang kadangkala kita rasa tak akn berlaku but it happen in reality like friendship. Some people not believe about friendship but i do. Friendship give me so meaningful. it give me spirit to live.

    Without friend how we can live and how can we laugh. And one more thing, when without friend how can we make our life more cheerful and happiness. How FRIEND give everything to all our life. Pls say ' i dont want u but i need u for my life' to ur bestfrind. It give full of meaning.

    and now u must believe dat something u think it just fairytale bacause all dat giv us mean about LIFE.

p/s : i dun want u but i need u for my life

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